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Friday 5th June 2020

Hello everybody, I hope you have all enjoyed your first week back to home learning after half term. 


Our next teams meeting will be on Monday afternoon from 1.00p.m onwards. Again I will mix up the groups so you get a chance to see some different classmates. Check the class page on Monday to find your slot.


Today's focus is subtraction.  We spent time looking at this before half term so this should still be fresh. smiley


Today I'd like you to help me with my marking. Please mark my set of calculations and  correct any of the ones that are wrong.  Thank you for your help! 



Please help me with my marking!

There is also a game today that covers a recap of all of the four mathematical operations we have gone over this week. You can choose one that you think you need the most practise with or just play for fun. Click on the link below.


Today we are going to look at one point in our story and think about what each of the characters are thinking.  We are going to use thought bubbles, these are similar to speech bubbles but they show what the characters are thinking. Often what a character thinks and says can be very different, just think of that naughty wolf in last half term's story - Little Red!

Often thought bubbles are shown as a cloud shape.


Take a look at the picture below taken from the end of our story, 'The Tiger Child'. 

  • What do you think the Uncle Tiger is thinking?
  • What is the tiger cub curled up by the fire thinking?
  • What is the Indian lady thinking?
  • What is the Indian girl thinking?


You will need to think about how the characters are feeling at this point in the story.  How we feel effects how we think, it's the same for story characters!

Remember you can go back to Wednesday's page and watch the story again.


You can draw your own thought bubbles today or use my templates below.





Well what a busy week!  Thank you for all your hard work again, we will have our next teams meeting on Monday so we can all see each other.


Today it's Friday so lets celebrate with a sing! There are some activities if you'd like to try them or just sing and be... 


H A P P Y !


' 7 Days A Week ' from Out of the Ark Music @ Home (Words on Screen Lyric Video)

' 7 Days A Week ' A fast-paced, rockin' song describing the reasons we love each day