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This Week's Activities


This week's spellings continue with the same pattern as last week.  The main pattern is the -ous suffix and SNIP group your words end in -ture.  I have attached a wordsearch for each if you'd like to practise them that way.




Please watch the BBC videos to learn about the positive and negative impact that humans can have on environments and ecosystems. 


Can you find out which living things have been helped by nature reserves providing them with habitats in our local area (Dean’s Green, Henley Sidings are good examples)?  Their websites are below and you might be able to visit at some point with your family (have a look at the websites first to see what you might spot).  I have also attached some sheets from the Woodland trust to help you identify living things that you might see there.


If you would like to find out more about conservation ideas and create a poster or video to help people understand how they can help the environment, have a look at this website:


Can I understand Hindu beliefs about the journey of life?


Please watch the video about Hindu’s beliefs on the journey of life. 

Thinking about the belief that what you do in this life affects what happens to you in the next life, have a go at creating the snakes and ladders game using the pdf worksheet.  Follow the instructions, thinking of good things that you can do to go by the ladders and things that aren’t good choices can be written by the snakes.  Then you could play the game!


Please complete one of the “end of year” activity sheets.  Although the end of your Year 4 year has been a bit different, I’m sure you have lots of good memories from this school year.  This gives you a chance to reflect on them before you move on to Year 5.

Letter to Miss Cutler

You could write a letter to Miss Cutler telling her a bit about yourself, your interests and hobbies and what you are looking forward to about being in Year 5.  You could also include questions that you have to ask her about being in her class.  Why don't you include a picture of yourself as well?!  You could then bring it with you for your transition session, or it could be posted or emailed to school for her.  I know she'd love to hear from you!  

Maths Activities

I have included some Maths activity sheets. 


For the emoji code questions, you can choose to use 2 or 3-digit numbers (* is easiest through to ***). 


For the times tables, time yourself how long it takes you to complete them all then see if you can beat your time, either later in the week, or maybe before you go back into Year 5 to make sure your recall of them is still quick!