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Autumn Term

We kick started our topic,' The Big Smoke' with a walk around our village. We wanted to know what it is like to live in a village and to find out about the features of our area before we start to explore the features of London. 


We spotted lots of things we liked about our village, identified many different buildings and began to think about what the geographical features are.  We even spotted Amelie's house and Barcley's house along our route. 



Since our walk, we have made maps of our route, made a key for a printed map to show all the different places and built our own 3D map of our route.  We have been super geographers!

Our 3D village map building!

We made a key for a map of the village

Beautiful poems all about us! 

In our first week back after the summer term we spent the week getting back into the routines of the school day and completed our first English piece. We wrote poems called 'All about me!'  In our poems we thought about all the things we were good at and the things we wished we were better at!  





We then heard that Year 4 had also been writing poems about their summer holidays and we arranged a poetry swap in the hall to share our poems and hear some Year 4 poems. Although we were a little shy to start with,  we soon began to enjoy hearing and sharing poetry.