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Hello my little monsters!  This week's teams meetings are on Thursday morning this week at the following times:

9.45 am 10.15 am 10.45 am
Thomas Max Elsa
Bodhi Toby DC Bella
Amelia J Franklin Grace
Amelia C Luca Eliza
Florrie Toby C Emily
Edward Toby F Zach
Ayva George Preston
Madison Dolly Alice
Dawson Maddie Imogen
Mason Olivia  


English: We'll be editing your work from yesterday. Take a look at the powerpoint and fix the sentences.  Read through your writing and check to see if there are any sentences that need fixing!


Click on the link above to practice your counting!


Today we're going to be thinking about quarters.   A quarter is 1 out of 4 equal parts of a shape or quantity.  We're going to be focussed on shapes today.

Recognising a quarter.wmv

Still image for this video

Eric Carle didn’t write the poems in the book, he is the illustrator. How do you think he has created the pictures? What do you think he has used?


Eric Carle creates his pictures using collage. First he creates lots of beautiful tissue papers and then cuts them into shapes to make pictures.


I'd like you to make lots of papers so that you can cut them up to make their own collages.
Eric Carle uses tissue paper but you are going to use regular paper. When the papers are dry you will cut pieces from the papers they like to make their own animals. (But that's next week's lesson!)
• Demonstrate to the children selecting a piece of yellow paper and an object from the table. Which colour do the children think would look good with yellow? Choose an object from the table and show the children how to make prints by pressing the object firmly onto the paper.
• Do the children think another colour would work well? Using scrunched paper, show the children how to dab the paper without pressing down firmly to make prints.
• Explain to the children that if they add too many colours the paper might not be colourful and will get very soggy. Advise the children to use only 2 or 3 colours on each paper.
• Show the children where to put their finished papers to dry and choose another clean piece of paper. Ask the children to help you choose a colour and paint big lines across the paper with thick paint.
• Choose a scraping tool from the table and show the children how to make marks by scarping the tool gently through the paint. Explain that if they scrape too hard the paper will tear.
• Ask the children to choose their own paper and experiment with painting, printing and scraping to make papers for their collages.

Eric Carle animals day 1