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Friday 3rd July 2020


Don't forget our class meeting this afternoon!



Our last maths problem this week is called 'One of thirty six'.  I hope you have enjoyed all the different problems this week and discovered that we can use our maths skills in lots of different ways.  Have a look at today's problem.


When working through the clues think about the numbers it eliminates then move onto the next clue. You might like to ask for help to calculate 7 x 4 or use your jottings to help you . Remember it means a group of 7, 4 times.


Then write a set of clues for your own mystery number. Give them to someone in your family to follow, did they choose the right number?   Can they write more clues for you to follow?

English + Topic/Theme

Today I would like to see what else you can find out about Van Gogh and complete the fact sheet about him below. You can watch the video and use the internet to search for useful facts.

Vincent van Gogh for Children: Biography for Kids - FreeSchool

A child-friendly introduction to the artist Vincent van Gogh.