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Thurs 14th

Mental Health Task


Today, to focus on our mental health, I have an exercise which is helps us think about how we can control and overcome some of our fears. It actually links in with our prayers too. You can choose if you want to do the activity or turn it into a prayer as you complete it. The choice is yours! 


For Grammar today, Group 1 are continuing with the work on 'Singular and Plural Nouns', whereas Group 2 will be working on 'Plural nouns and verbs'.


The exercises today can be found in your Grammar homework books:


Group 1 in the Red books is on page 41. 

Group 2 in the Green books is on page 38 (I do realise we've missed out P37, but we will come back to it!)


We are starting to write our stories today about our new adventure for Khepri the Scarab Beetle. I am not expecting you to write the whole story in one day, so do not worry!




Today I would like you to concentrate on the setting of the story in the introduction, where you are introducing the main characters and on the build up, which leads to Khepri getting into danger. Remember to use your story mountains and the work you have done in telling your story out loud to help you.


If you can, I would like you to try and use some of the support documents to help you to remember to include:

- Expanded noun phrases (description of the nouns, mainly using adjectives)

- Adverbs

- Different conjunctions

- New paragraphs for when the story changes time, place or person

- Speech, with the correct punctuation


The support documents are here:


Enjoy being creative!




Now you understand all about the days, months and years, we are focusing on telling the time in minutes and hours.


Today we are going to be looking at the analogue clock, which is the clock with hands. 


I have set you all an online lesson on MyMaths which you can get to by logging on here  and putting in your login details.


This is a revision of O'clock, half past, quarter past at first and then moves onto telling the time to the nearest 5 mins.


Please go through the lesson first following each part of the each step, by pressing next. You will see the circle move down the line on the right until you have completed each section.



When you have completed the lesson,


please have a go at the questions on the online homework section: