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Summer Half Term 2


S coded S, SS, C, SE, CE and SC


Curriculum words - curiosity, desperate, controversy, secretary, sacrifice, nuisance, especially, symbol, stomach, sufficient, address, possible, aggressive, embarrass, necessary, correspond, recognise, signature, restaurant, suggest, persuade, system, possess, pressure


Hip Homophones - past and passed, desert and dessert, guest and guessed

Summer Half Term 1


Words ending: ent, ant, ency, ancy


Curriculum words: frequent, apparent, convenient, ancient, sufficient, existence, occurrence, convenience, hindrance, nuisance


Hip homophones: affect and effect, aloud and allowed, herd and heard, who's and whose

Spring Half Term 2


Lesson focus: Words ending 'ent' and 'ant'


Curriculum words: relevant restaurant ancient apparent excellent environment frequent government sufficient parliament 

Spring Half Term 1


Lesson focus - sound /f/ coded f, ff, ph, gh


Curriculum words included - familiar, foreign, forty, frequently, profession, sacrifice, sufficient, physical


Hip homophones - farther/further, affect/effect, profit/prophet