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Summer Week 3: 04.05.20

Hi everyone!

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Remember to check out the daily Phonics lesson on youtube!

English: So we've finished our story of 'The Three Billy Goat's Gruff' and we are going to start a new unit in our English work that will come back to the story.  But first we need to look at how to form and write instructions.


Verbs are very important when writing instructions so that's what we're going to focus on today.  We have covered this in class so hopefully it will just be a quick recap today!


Verbs are action words and they tell us what someone is doing.  There is a list of words below, I would like you to sort the verbs from the other words, they could be a noun or an adjective.  Parents you can make this as active as you want, eg, when you read the word if it's a verb your child could jump up etc.  (If you want you could add other actions in for the other types of words, but remember the main focus is to know what a verb is!)


run purple dog
wash jump bush
phone happy meanest


When you've sorted the words play a game of Simon says, use a combination of verbs, nouns and adjectives (it doesn't have to be from the table above).  Your child should act out the verb and sit down when the word called is a noun or adjective. (We have played this game in class so the children should be familiar with it!)


If you want you could then look in your reading books that you've taken home and find some verbs in the sentences.



Watch the video under Week 2, Lesson 3.  (Not Summer week 2)


Please note that our Maths learning is not in line with what White Rose is producing from now on, I am choosing to carry on with the curriculum that still needs to be covered, whereas White Rose have changed their plans to match BBC bitesize lessons. By all means use them if you want but after you've completed the work I've set, thank you!


Look at the document below and choose which activities you would like to do to demonstrate how you can make equal groups.




Art:  I had some lovely emails on Friday showing me your fantastic weavings that you created and Mummies and Daddies saying how much you enjoyed it, so I thought we could continue with the weaving today.  But this time we are going to use nature to help us.  Look at the picture below and see if you can make something similar.

You will need some long grass/stems/wildflowers.  In this picture the child has used lavendar also. You could use some leaves too!

Once you've collected your resources, line up some stems and tape down to the table to keep it in place and create your loom.  Then use the rest to weave through, remember the pattern over, under, over under until you reach the end and then when you start a new row you do the opposite under, over, under over etc.


I can't wait to see what you create! smiley


Parents if your child really enjoyed this there are loads more nature weaving ideas on the internet, I found this one on Pinterest, just search nature weaving for kids!