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Good morning Year 1!



9:20 / 9:35 - Morning Phonics Live Lesson

1:45 / 2:00 - Afternoon Feedback Session - please think of a joke to share


You will need a piece of paper/notebook/whiteboard and something to write with.

Phase 5 - 'ur' written as 'ear'

Activity 1: Tricky Word Song

Activity 2: Writing Words

Activity 3: Write out the sentences and circle when the 'ur' sound is written as 'ear'. Remember 'ear' doesn't just make an 'ur' sound.


Today is your last day to create a fact file of a polar bear.

Please use the facts you found out last week but you may also add more if you wish.

Do a little each day.

Don't forget to include:

  • a front cover
  • facts
  • pictures (you may want to label some pictures
  • if you want to make a contents page to organise your facts you can but this is optional (don't forget page numbers if you do this)


Solve the problems below.


Which number is the odd one out?

Explain your answer.


Today your goal is to make a jam sandwich (or something else if you don't like jam sandwiches)

In order to reach your goal, put each step on a separate plate. For example, the bread and butter on one plate, the jam on another plate and a knife to cut the sandwich on the last plate.


Read the next part when you have completed it.

Your goal was to make a jam sandwich.

You had steps that you needed to complete in order to reach your goal.

Did you manage to do it?

Whenever you set yourself a goal in the future, for example getting a trophy or a badge, think about the steps you need to complete in order to reach your goal and work through them one by one.