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Maths: Watch the video called Perimeter on a grid, linked below and work alongside it.

Play this perimeter game after, let me know how many coins you earn and how many lives you lose!


If you want there is a Maths challenge to complete as well, it has been uploaded into Teams with the assignment.


Brain break


English: Meet me at 10 am for our English lesson. I will be introducing our new English text today!  I'm so excited about it, I won't be telling you what the book is called but will be reading about the text and making predictions.


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History: We are coming to the end of our Viking and Anglo Saxon learning.  The Saxon period ended in 1066 when a new king brought in a different period and way of life.  But before that he had to fight to win the throne.  There were three contenders to throne.  I'd like you to find out who each of the contenders to the throne were, what was their claim to the throne and who supported them.  Read through the powerpoint and click on the links to find out information about them.  You then need to put the three contenders into the order of strongest claim to weakest claim and explain why.


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Teams meeting at 2:30pm: I will be feeding back on the work sent in to me from the English work and revealing our new book!