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Wednesday 10th June

Good morning!


Just a reminder that our Teams call is at 10.45am today! You needed to think of 2 questions (true/false or multiple choice) about anything for our class quiz! Remember your pen and paper!


See you later alligators heart



Yesterday, you did some research about one of the main characters in "Escape from Pompeii" - Tranio or Livia. 

Today, I'd like you to use that information to help you write in character as if you are Tranio or Livia.

Look at the questions below - I'd like you to choose a minimum of 5 questions (you can do more if you'd like) 

Either cut and stick them into your book or write them into your book and answer below, pretending that you are Tranio or Livia. This is about using the information in the text but also about using your imagination so feel free to make details up, especially about how you felt! Try to give detailed answers (a small paragraph for each question) as this will really help you with your work over the next few days.


LO: Can I write in character?



Today, I'd like you to use your understanding of the different types of angles to order and label a selection of angles in terms of their size. 


See the task below for more details.


LO: Can I order angles?



On Monday, you should have researched some of the famous volcanoes in the world. Can you remember the names of the volcanoes that you chose? What facts can you remember?


Today, we're going to locate those volcanoes on a map.


Use an atlas, an online atlas, Google maps or Google Earth to locate the volcanoes on the task below.


Label the location of these volcanoes on the map below. 

If you don't have a printer, draw a rough outline of the world map and label the volcanoes on there.


LO: As a geographer, can I locate volcanoes around the world?