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Tuesday 5th January



Good Morning, 

Well done for navigating your way to our class page! Today is our first day back after the Christmas holidays and we would normally be starting our new topic.  This term our new topic is called Land Ahoy, a really exciting Geography topic about islands, maps, oceans and Pirates!  Learning from home will make it a little bit different but I know there will be lots for you to enjoy.  We will also be looking at practising our key skills in English and Maths and continuing our Religious Education and Science curriculums.


Remember, do what you can to the best of your ability, that is all I need! smiley


We have learnt to spell this common Year 2 Word - Because do you remember the sentence we say to help us remember.   Something about elephants!

Can you complete this spelling mat to help you remember to spell this really important word!


If you can not print the spelling mat copy the ideas down from the screen!





Before the Christmas holidays we were looking at addition and thinking about how our number bonds could help us to add three small numbers quickly.

We learnt this an efficient method (a way of teaching our brains to choose a good method) to add numbers quickly. Take a look at the picture below to remind you how we presented our work! This person has shown their workings, really well (well done Florrie). Remember a good mathematician can use workings to show how they have found the answer.


Today I would like you to solve these calculations in the same way and you need to show your workings to show the bond to ten that you have found and used to help you. 

Below is a bond to ten chart for some of you who are still learning your bonds to ten.







Today is a quick task for you!  Can you find out the names of the Three Wise Men? Tomorrow is a very special day in the Nativity story and we will be finding out more tomorrow. 


I would like you to write their three names using your art skills!  You could use bubble writing, draw pictures around the names, use bright colours or design individual letters. 


Good Luck!