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Maths: We're going to continue our learning on area today, by using books!  

Instead of pieces of paper, I'd like you to calculate the area of different surfaces in your house using BOOKS! Watch my video where I demonstrate how to measure a surface with just one book.  (As we saw yesterday the shape needs to be a consistent shape and size in order to calculate the area accurately!)


Find the area of your kitchen table, a side table, the TV stand and a desk.



Can you find an area that is less than 24 books?

Can you find an area that is greater than 24 books?


Brain Break


English: Meet me at 10 o'clock where I will introduce the text Hermelin.  The whole school is using this text today and it is a really lovely story.  You will notice that in the resources uploaded for this task I have not included the book.  That is because I want us to be able to make predictions about the book before you have read it!  (So if you have and you know the story, please don't ruin it for the other children!)  At 10:30, a new assignment will be assigned to you (it's not an assignment but in there will be a recording of me reading the story and a copy of the text for you to read in your own time!)


Once you have listened to the story/read it for yourselves, I'd like you to focus on the comprehension discussed in our lesson.  You will need to match the notices to the residents of Offley Street and explain how you think Hermelin has been able to solve the different cases!


Brain break


English: For this English task you have a choice to make! You only need to choose one thing to do from the list below, but of course you can do more if you choose to!


1. Mini Grey actually wanted to write about lost pets when she was planning this story but just couldn't work out how the pets had gone missing.  Can you take on the role of detective and author and write the story for Mini Grey?

2. Can you create a lost/missing poster for a missing pet.  You will need to include a picture, but make sure you include a detailed description of the pet!  (Think back to our Beowulf character descriptions!)

3.  Can you review the book Hermelin? Film yourself reviewing the story.  There is an example below for you!

Max Reviews Hermelin, The Detective Mouse

Max Reviews Hermelin, The Detective Mouse by Mini GreyPuppetry and editing by Katie Domville Cullinan

4. Newspaper articles feature heavily in the background of the book.  Can you write a newsreport for the dramatic rescue of Baby McMumbo? You could use the success criteria from our most recent piece of writing to support you!