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Thursday 23.04.20

                   Happy St George's Day!

Did you know that today is St Georges day?  St George is the Patron Saint of England. So today we are going to have a mini theme day all about our Patron Saint - St George!




What is a Patron Saint?                 Click on the pictures to enlarge!


Read the story of St George and the Dragon

                SPOT THE DIFFERENCE

Look at the two different pictures of St George. Why are there no photographs to look at of St George?

Can you make a list of the similarities and differences you can spot between the two pictures? 


In your book make a table of similarities and differences.

 Similarities               Differences  
Both pictures show a man.

One picture shows St George sat on a horse.





If you would like a copy of the pictures to print out and stick in your book you can find them below.


Today St George has set you some maths word problems. You can choose to complete as many of them as you would like!

However, I would like you to show your workings - what calculation do you have to do in order to solve the problem? Remember pictures/jottings are workings too! 

Sometimes there might be a problem that needs more than one calculation - think carefully!


On each of the challenge cards there is a star - the more stars there are the trickier the problem.

You might like to tackle the one and two star problems as a warm up and then complete the three stars as a challenge.

You might choose to do only the two star problems. You can even do a couple of each type. Its up to you!

St George's Mega Maths Problems!


Carrying on with our St George's day there are lots of activities to choose from below!

Complete another maths challenge - The mystery of the missing sword!

St George's Day wordsearch

Play the St George's Day Board Game

Design a dragon - use the templates below or make your own dragon in anyway you'd like!

Research other Patron Saints in Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

St George's Colour By Numbers

Cut out, sequence and stick to retell the story of St George.