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Tues 12th

Class Meeting on Microsoft Teams

Well, the first thing to tell you is that our class meeting has been set for 10am tomorrow (Wednesday) and you've all been sent an invitation on your school emails. We have a couple of guests joining us too, so it's not just me. I wonder who they'll be? Please make sure you have a pencil and piece of paper ready as you will need it for a game during the session. You don't have to talk, but there will be a time during the meeting that you can share with the class if you wish to.

Mental Health Task


Music is a passion of mine and I believe that it can also be very powerful in helping us keep our minds healthy and reduce our anxiety and stress. I have different styles, genres and pieces of music which help me feel happy, concentrate or calm me down when I am upset. Just sitting still and letting music takeover can be really helpful.


I'm going to share a few pieces of music which do this for me:



Ludovico Einaudi - I Giorni - This helps me calm down and relax

Pencil Full of Lead- Paolo Nutini - This makes me happy and grateful

Your task is to explore songs and music that you like and to find one that makes you calm and relaxed and one that makes you happy. Please share these on the blog, but make sure that if they have lyrics, that they are suitable for the class and me!



Well done for your work on the months of the year yesterday and how many days they each have. Today we will be using History and Science to help us with our Maths!


Do you remember from earlier in the year in History, when I explained that in the old calendars of history there only used to be 10 months? (Oct means 8 and October would have been the 8th month of the year and Dec means 10 and December would have been the 10th month of the year). There were 2 months named after Roman Emperors, Julius Caesar (July) and Augustus Caesar (August).


I wonder if you know what a day or a year actually is?

How many days are there in a year?

Why is there sometimes a leap year and what is it?


Think about these questions before watching the clip below. It says that the year is 2012, but it doesn't matter as this year 2020, is a leap year too, so it is the same this year. Please watch only until 2mins and 22 seconds, then you can turn it off as it goes into too much detail!

What Is a Leap Year?

You probably know that 2012 is a leap year. And that means that this year we get an extra day on February 29th. Great--an extra day. Who really cares? Well, ...

So a day is the length of time it takes for the earth to rotate (24 hours).

A year is the length of time it takes our planet to go around the sun (365 and a quarter days). That is why we have a leap year every 4 years, to catch up with 4 quarter days and so February has 29 days  every 4 years.

Have a go at the 2 questions below, then create a fact sheet/ poster explaining:


1) How many days there are in a year.

2) How many days there are in a leap year.

3) When the leap years are.

4) Why we have leap years.


Today we are looking at nouns again. Remember, a noun usually names an object, place, person or thing.  


This time we are thinking about singular and plural nouns. Singular means there is only one object, whereas plural means that there are more than one.


You have learnt about these before and you should remember:


1) Normally you just add an 's' to make a plural (bat= bats)

2) If the word ends in an 'x', 'ch', 'sh' or 'z' sound, you need to add 'es' to make a plural (like church=churches and fox= foxes)

3) If your noun ends in a consonant then a 'y' like lady, you change the 'y' to an 'i' and add 'es' (lady= ladies)

4) Sometimes the plural doesn't follow a rule and this is called irregular (mouse = mice or child=children)

5) Sometimes the singular and the plural are the same (like sheep)




Maybe this poster will help you as you work?
Have a go at the game below and see if you can rewrite the singular nouns as plurals.

I would like you to create a new adventure for Khepri, the Scarab Beetle. In the story we read, Khepri was the hero and he saved the prince and was honoured.



In the new story I would like you to create, Khepri will be in trouble and the prince will save him, so the roles are reversed.

Today I would like you to come up with ideas for your story. I want you to come up with 3 or 4 ideas for each question. You need to think about the following things:


1) Where will it be set? In the temple again, on the Nile or somewhere else in Ancient Egypt.


2) How will Khepri get into danger? What might happen to him if he isn't saved?


3) How will the prince find out he is danger or discover him?


4) How will the prince save him?


5) What will Khepri do to thank him when he is saved?


You can use the template below if it helps you.