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Summer Week 2 27.04.20


Hello everybody, I'm ready for another week! Well before we get started I have some exciting news! Last Thursday was St Georges Day, a special day to celebrate, but did you know that St George is also the patron saint of the scouts!  Who can you spot in the photograph below?  If you look closely you can see them twice!

Brwyn and Hywel took part in a live ‘Virtual St. George’s Day service’ with the Scouts. They were lucky enough to have their video clip included in the service! Well done to Hywel and Brwyn and everybody else who joined in. 

Monday 27th April 


Today we are going to be sorting some 2D shapes. Take a look the powerpoint below. You will need to think about and discuss your answers orally before moving onto the next slide where you will find an answer. Sometimes there might be more than one correct answer.

Did you spot the venn diagram in the powerpoint? It is a useful tool to sort numbers, objects or shapes.

We have used venn diagrams lots before in Maths, Science and English.


Today we are going to look at a different way of sorting called a Carroll Diagram, we have used these before in large groups but we need a little bit more practise. 


Look at the Carroll Diagram below. It is really important that you read all the titles/headings of a Carroll Diagram - these are your sorting criteria - how you are going to sort.



The difference from a Venn Diagram is that you now have 2 sets of criteria to sort by.

In this Carroll Diagram it is square/not square and blue/not blue.

Where do you think the shapes should be sorted?

Click below to enlarge the picture and reveal the answer. Did you sort the shapes correctly?

WARNING! There does not have to be a shape, number or object in every section of the Carroll Diagram. You might have an empty box or more than one shape in a box. That is why it is really important you read all the headings/criteria.smiley 


Work though the powerpoint below. You can click on the shapes and sort them correctly (please click on enable editing when opening powerpoint to do this).


If you have trouble opening the powerpoint I have saved the work as a PDF as well but you will not be able to move the shapes.

Mathematics Task

Hopefully you have managed to sort the shapes successfully, well done! Now I would like you to use the Carroll Diagram below to sort the set of shapes.

You can draw a diagram in your book (use a ruler) or you can print out the template below and stick the shapes on.

You can print out the shapes to sort below.

If you can not print the shapes then you can draw them but you will have to be careful with your colouring!

There is some extra work set on your Mymaths account this week on our maths focus of last week - 2D shapes. The 2D shape activities start from today and are open for 2 weeks.


Today I would like you to read and enjoy this story. In the story you will spot the picture from last weeks task so you will finally be able to find out the title!

You might need an adult or an older brother or sister to help you read but think carefully about the story plot (what happens), does it sound like a story you have heard before?

Topic/Theme- Geography

Last week we used Google Earth to zoom around the village of Tanworth in Arden. 

You were asked to find some locations within the village. Did you find the church and the school?


Today I'd like to see what knowledge you have about the facilities and features you would expect to find in a city, town and village.  In our London topic, we thought of features of London our capital city, but today I would like you to think generally about most cities, most towns and most villages. 

E.g. In today's work you could not put The Shard as a feature of a city because it is only a feature of London but you could put high rise buildings or skyscrapers as many cities have these.


Today to present your work you might make a table showing features of cities, towns and villages. You could produce a poster, a brainstorm or write a list but I would like to see clearly the different places - City, Town and Village.


Don't worry if you are unable to think many features this is just to get you thinking! You might be able to add some more features when we have completed more of our topic.


Good luck and keeping working hard, missing you all!