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Optional tasks

Optional task 1: Maths


I thought it would be a good idea to recap on some learning you completed before Christmas.  Just before the Christmas break we looked at negative numbers.  Watch the BBC bitesize video linked below and then complete page 7 in your Maths homework books.  I have uploaded a scanned copy of the page to the assignment in teams in case you can't find your book.



Optional Task 2: Grammar

Completing the following task may help with your writing this week! You will be thinking about noun phrases, a noun phrase is where we add words to a noun to describe it more clearly or specify it more exactly. There are different types of words that can be added to a noun, they include determiners (three, their, this), adjectives (feeble, tangled, frailest) and other nouns!


Click on the link and watch the BBC bitesize videos and complete Activity 1.

When you have done that turn to page 8 and complete it.