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Term 3


Focus sound: /l/ coded: l, ll


Curriculum words: length, learn, library, believe, island, particular, popular, regular, calendar.


Focus sound: /ar/ coded: ar, a, al


Curriculum words: heart, guard, separate, regular, peculiar, particular, grammar, popular, forward, calendar, February, library, ordinary, various, actual, answer, natural, imagine, material, favourite, famous, occasion, potato, strange.


Superb suffixes: ly


Term 4


Focus sound: /u/ coded: u, o, ou


Curriculum words: woman, purpose, enough, though, although, thought, through.


Superb suffixes: -ous (including recap of -ed, -er, -ing and -est)


Term 1


Focus sound: /ee/ coded ea, ee, ie, ei, e, e_e


Curriculum words: breathe, increase, believe, reign, recent, extreme, complete


Hip Homophones: meat/meet, week/weak, steal/steel, bean/been, piece/peace


Powerful prefixes: re and ad



Term 2


Focus sound: /g/ coded g, gu, gue, gh


Curriculum words: grammar, group, guide, guard


Hip Homophones: grown/grown



Focus sound: /ai/ coded a_e, a, ai, ay, ey, eigh, ei


Curriculum words: separate, favourite, famous, occasion, strange, potatoes, weight, eight, eighth, reign, straight


Hip Homophones: grate/grate, stake/steak, mane/main, pain/pane, mail/male, sale/sail.




*Apostrophes for contractions and possession