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Wednesday 20th


Today you will have a choice of which work you are feeling ready for. 


Some of you will still be getting your head around to and past, telling time to the nearest minute and how to use a digital clock, while others are working out the Roman Numerals on the clock or perhaps have mastered all of it. That's fine and that's what would be happening in the classroom. We all learn things in different paces.


Because we have covered quite a lot I am giving you the chance to revise and go back over some of the areas we have already looked at. Why not choose a task(s) that will help you with the bit you need most practise of. (You definitely don't need to do them all!) 


If you feel confident with them all, why not try one of the challenges!

Interactive Resources
Activity Sheets

Challenge Tasks




Please find the spelling information for your group below, explaining the spellings and the rules. 

Now find your activities for your spellings today:
English/ Theme/ Art

I hope you have learnt lots about the Egyptian Gods and their wonderful names, appearance and personalities. Today, you can start creating a little card game, like Top Trumps. I have combined a few lessons together as it might take a bit longer than one session and it is a mixture of all of them!



You can choose how many and which Gods you want to make cards of but I have given some templates below if you want to use them. I have also included the information from yesterday and another resource you could find information from.


It's up to you to rate the Gods as you feel, but the information should be factual. You will also need to draw a picture of each God, which is where your art comes in!


You could either write them in your book or create them on paper or card if you want to play the game afterwards.