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Week 1

Monday 23rd March


English: find out five facts about Meerkats (think about where they live, what they eat etc).  You can present this information in any way you wish for example a labelled picture, a factfile or a spider diagram.  Remember to write in full sentences, make sure you've got your capital letters, finger spaces and full stops! The following links will help you find out information.


Maths: Log on to your My Maths account and complete the counting activity.  We've been doing lots of counting in class, but remember we use equipment to help us, a ruler is also a number line.  You can use this picture to help too!


Or use the Splat Square we use in class:


PE: See daily activity below, complete lesson 1.


Science: Complete the following activity. If you do not have access to a printer, try drawing the picture of the plant (or a parent could do this for you) or cut out a picture of a plant from a magazine/newspaper.



Getting outside is still important, so here's some ideas for getting outside for the week!

Daily activity