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Wednesday 3rd June



Today's task: Write cohesive paragraphs from notes.


1. Read WAGOLL example below


2. Use your notes to draft two of your paragraphs (remember to read over, check and edit- this is a draft so it's okay to amend) 





Remind yourselves of what the mean, median, mode and range are. Can you remember without looking at your notes?


Today's lesson you have some more data to find averages of and some extra challenges where you can choose to solve 1, 2 or 3 chillies problems.


What comes after a successful CV/ job application...

An interview.


Today you will be preparing for a job interview. The job you are applying for is to be team leader for a school project.

The project will be revealed FRIDAY.


1.Write your responses to the interview questions. Don't be afraid to show off! This is the time and place for it!


2. Ask someone at home to help you practise by asking you the questions. 

** It is so much better if you memorise your answers and use eye contact during an interview, rather than read off the paper.