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9 Reasons To Learn Spanish

There are lots of reasons why we learn Spanish at Tanworth!
One of the reasons is because Spanish is taught at lots of secondary schools in the local area. We support children's language learning by developing an early love for the language alongside an understanding of important basic skills and vocabulary before children move on to their new schools and next stage in their MFL journey! Another reason is because many of our children holiday frequently in Spain so have the opportunity to try out the language in a real-life setting!
However, there are so many more reasons to learn Spanish... Check out the video that we share with children below...

Did you know?


Over 400 million people speak Spanish


Spanish is the mother tongue of an estimated 400-450 million people, making it the world’s second most spoken language.

Spanish only falls in second place behind Chinese, which is spoken by over a billion people and far outranks any other language.

Spanish overtakes English in its number of speakers, as English comes in third place with 335 million native speakers around the world.


There are 21 countries that have Spanish as the official language


Spanish enjoys official language status in 21 countries across Europe, Africa, Central, South and North America, making it a very important global language.


Spanish is easy to learn because it is phonetic!


This means that it is really easy for the children to pick up and learn! Spanish lessons are designed to be fun and allow all children to make progress and learn new language skills!

Examples of our Spanish work

How is Spanish taught?


During Spanish lessons, children develop their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills through a variety of strategies such as conversation, videos, songs, stories, games and paired work. Spanish lessons are designed to be interactive and fun in order to foster a love of the language!

Throughout KS2, children are given the opportunity to revisit topics and concepts in order to consolidate any gaps in their learning and develop their use of vocabulary in a range of contexts.

Have a look at our long term plan below to see what children will cover...

Spanish long term plan

What do the children think?

Check out some of the songs and videos that we've been using to support our Spanish learning...

Días de la Semana (days of the week in Spanish)

Months of the Year in Spanish (los meses)

Colores y números. Song to learn Numbers and colours!

Want to carry on the learning at home?


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