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Thursday 18th June 2020


Can I recognise and use determiners?


Watch the video and use the PPT to revise what determiners are (they are the words in red on the video!) and how they are used (you use them all the time already, it’s another one where we have to learn the correct terminology!).


Now I’d like you to have a go at the practice activities in the Word document.


Can I describe translations of shapes?


Please have a go at the MyMaths lesson called Translating today.  This is nothing to do with languages but is all about changing the position of shapes on a grid and using coordinates to talk about their position.  Make sure you are confident with left and right (remember your left hand makes an L shape with the first finger and thumb) before you start as we use direction to describe the translations.  I have then set the online homework for you to do.


Can I practise turning negative thoughts into positive thoughts?

Please watch the video.  At the end, it is revealed how the dog has helped the boy to think more positively about his situation.


Sometimes, it can be hard to think positively about things, it’s easy to feel down or not see the progress we’ve made with something or the possibilities we do actually have.  Also, the more we put into something, the more we get from it.


Have a look at the statements on the sheet and see if you can turn them from negative to positive by finding a different way of looking at the situation.