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Monday 8th June 2020



LO: Can I understand my spelling pattern?


This week’s words all contain the suffix –ous.  (A Suffix comes at the end of a word and, in this case, changes a noun into an adjective).


Can you complete the table for your spelling words:


noun                 meaning                 _____  +ous = adjective                     meaning

Mountain        a natural elevation               mountainous                       an area with lots

                   of the Earth’s surface                                                         of mountains











SNIP group, your words all end in the suffix –al.  Can you use a dictionary to find the meaning of each word?


LO: Can I investigate properties of triangles?


For today’s first challenge, you will need 6 equal length sticks, straws or pencils.


 “If I use 6 sticks to make a triangle, I can only make an equilateral triangle.  Am I correct?”


Can you investigate this?  Using your sticks, which different sorts of triangles can you make?  What do you find?  Why is this?


Now, have a go at the Four Triangles puzzle.  You can print off the pdf or complete it online by following the link to the nrich website.


If you would like more practice of properties of triangles, see the Word document for some extra activities.


LO: Can I classify animals into their different groups?


First, I’d like you to watch this video which teaches you about the six different groups that animals can be classified (sorted) into?


Now, from the Word documents, use the sorting grid to organise the pictures of the different animals into the correct groups.  Think about the characteristics of each group that you learn from the video. 


Ext: Can you add some examples of your own to each group?