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Tues 24th


LO - Can I plan an adventure story?


Good morning, have a look at the picture added below. Today, you are going to plan a story based on this picture and tomorrow you will write the story into full sentences and paragraphs.


When we plan a story in school, we often talk about a story mountain. We would normally plan a story in five stages. You can use these headings to help you. Remember, you only need to write in notes but there may be one or two full sentences you want to write down in full if you are worried about forgetting them. 

Opening - Maybe set the scene. Describe a character.


Build-up - Something needs to happen that takes the story towards an exciting part.


Dilemma - This is the exciting part. What is happening and why?


Events following - Is someone able to help to sort the situation out?


Ending - Has the story returned to normality? Have all the ‘loose ends’ been tied up?


Remember to use interesting vocabulary in your notes. It needs to be exciting to entertain the reader.





LO - Can I write relative clauses?


Today, you will be writing relative clauses about a character from your adventure story. A relative clause is a piece of information that normally relates to a noun in a sentence and uses a relative pronoun (who, which, where, when etc). In class, I have talked about them when discussing ‘comma sandwiches’ in the past. 

Here is an example...


Bob, who was an excellent swimmer, was swept away by the enormous wave.


In this sentence, the relative clause could be completely removed and the sentence would still make sense. Can you please write 3 sentences like this in your book.


If you want to do more, write one about each person who lives in your household.



LO - Can I recognise tenths and hundredths?


Today, you are going to be recapping tenths fractions and hundredths fractions and how they can be equivalent (eg 1/10 is equal to 10/100). I have set this work on ‘mymaths’. Some of the questions link with measurement and mention the unit of measurement dm (1dm is 10cm).

When you have completed the ‘mymaths’, can you please draw a neat number-line in your book. It needs to go from 0 to 1 and will have each tenth labelled. In a different colour you could then label the same number-line using hundredths (only every 10 hundredths). 

EG - Under 1/10 you would write 10/100.




LO - Can I research edible insects?

Today, you are going to be researching where in the world groups of people eat insects. Can you find out where in the world insects are commonly eaten and can you explain why insects are such a great source of nourishment. Your work could be shown in a poster or in an electronic format (ppt or similar).


Daily activity- 24/03/20