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Work completed by bubbles in school

In class this week:


We read the story of The Colour Monster - here is a link to a retelling for you to listen to at home.


The Colour Monster

The Colour Monster - by Anna Llenas.

Then we made our own colour monsters and feeling jars.  Every morning and after lunch, we think about how we are feeling and move our colour monster to the relevant jars.  You can make your own jars and monsters at home with these documents.
We made our own worry dolls.  Worry dolls come from Mayan legend, people tell their worries to their dolls put them under their pillows at night and go to sleep.  By the morning the doll has taken the worries away.  We made ours by wrapping wool around a stick, wrapping a pipe cleaner around it for arms, then sticking on googly eyes and drawing a face.
We also discussed ways in which we can keep ourselves safe at the moment and either wrote or drew our ideas.