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Your schedule and work for the day:


Maths: We're carrying on with our work on perimeter. Can you let me know tomorrow via email, either the school office or my email address, if you do not have a ruler at home.  You will need one in the coming weeks, I will drop one round to you if needed! (Along with your homework books!)


Follow the link and watch the video.  The video will have tasks for you to do alongside it.  Complete the final quiz.


Brain Break


Reading: Design a new front cover for the book you have most recently finished reading.  Tell me why it would make a good front cover, what does it tell you about the book?  Remember, don't give too much away with your design, you don't want to ruin the story!


Brain Break


SPAG:  Spelling homophones and near homophones.  Work through the powerpoint for your new spellings.  I have attached the spelling list for you also.  Once you have seen what your new spellings are can you practice them by using the spelling strategy below?


Brain Break


English: Look at the picture below.

Choose your challenge!

Chilli 1: Answer these questions.

  • What’s on the other side of the door?
  • What is the girl holding in her hand? Why?
  • How did she get to the forest?
  • Where is this?
  • Who hung the lanterns in the trees? 
  • Where does the stream lead?
  • Will the girl go back through the door or stay in the forest? Predict what will happen next. 

Chilli 2: Think of your own questions!

Chilli 3: Imagine you are the girl.  Describe what you see and how you feel. I have uploaded a word mat to support you!

Brain break


History: We were due to finish off our Vikings work this week.  This next activity is for today AND TOMORROW! Please do not worry if you do not finish it today! Can you watch the videos linked below and create a poster telling me all about what daily life was like in Viking Britain?


Remember to include information about their clothes, food, religion and homes.