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Tuesday 16th June


Problem solving again today. Your mission today is to solve the triangle patterns to solve the equations.

Golf Project- Designing Holes

Please continue with these designs from yesterday. When you have completed them please email/ take a pictures and send to me so I can share it withe the rest of our team.


Today's PE lesson is about using yourself.

You will need:

*appropriate sports clothing

*an open space

*paper or w/b and pen/pencil


*device to play video soundtrack or a timer


You are going to have a go at TABATA. TABATA is high-intensity interval training and a cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods, until too exhausted to continue.


Essentially 20 seconds exercise 10 seconds rest for 12 minutes.


4 exercises:


1= burpees

2= air squates

3= shoulder taps

4= tuck jumps 


So for the first 20secs you will do as many burpees as you can and write down the amount during your 10 secs rest. Then the next 20 secs you'll do as many air squats as you can and so on. For 12 mins.


**Note if you are out of breath and struggling slow down and concentrate on doing the movement properly rather than doing as many reps as you can. 


The link below is a good soundtrack that counts you in and out: 

If you can't use the link then you could use a stopwatch to time 20 secs and 10 secs.