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Today we're going to be thinking about emotions.  How does Rhodopis feel?  What has happened in the story so far? How have these events affected her emotions?  Watch the video and listen to the story.


Chilli 1: In the thought bubble write how Rhodopis is feeling and what she might be thinking.

Chilli 2: Using the powerpoint uploaded add text boxes and tell me how Rhodopis feels about each event.

Chilli 3: If you really want to challenge yourself you could write a diary entry for the different events.  If you choose this challenge remember I do expect to see the basic punctuation included and a focus on emotive language.


I have uploaded a feelings word mat to support you.


Brain break


History: Meet me at 10 o'clock for our History lesson.  We will be thinking where Ancient Egypt fits along a timeline.  You can watch the video below to help you.  I'd like you to create a timeline that includes all the KS2 History topics you have studied so far.  (This includes Year 3!) What different civilisations were around at the same time?  Which followed which?  Can you make your timeline look as amazing as possible?  I've added a document of the different periods to be included, you can print these out and use for your timeline if you want but it's not needed.  I've also added an example of different timelines so you can see what I'm looking for!


Brain Break


Maths: We're starting multiplication and division today! Hooray! This is one of my favourite Maths topics to teach! (Along with fractions!) I'd like you to watch the video called 'Multiply by 10' and work alongside it.  Take a look at the different challenges, you can add notes in (I showed you how to do this in the video for RE earlier this week!) or add a text box to put your answer in.