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Wednesday 6th January


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I would really like to see some photographs of your work or completed activities, it really makes my day! smiley



Good Morning Everybody! 


I hope you were able to access everything yesterday.


Today I would like to invite you to a teams meeting so we can all see each other after our Christmas break.


This time, during home learning you will have the opportunity to join a teams meeting twice a day. Once in the morning, where we will discuss and share a live lesson and a task will be set and then again in the afternoon where you can feed back your work. The afternoon meetings will sometimes be in smaller groups so that you can share what you have done.


For our first few teams meetings we are all going to be together and today it is a chance to say hello after our Christmas break and for me to explain to you how home learning will work in Year 2. There will not be an afternoon meeting today.


Our Teams meeting in the morning will be at 9.20am - 9.40am and I have sent you all an invite to your school email address. Remember your username and passwords are stuck inside the front cover of your reading record.  If you can't find them please email the school office.

What's happening today?


9.20 Meet me online at 9.20 to join in our first Teams meeting of the new year. Hooray!

English Activity

Wake up Shake up!

Maths Activity

Theme  - Religious Education



This is the front cover or our new book. I have hidden the title of the book although it is quite a famous book for children so some of you might have this book at home!  


Use your skills of inference (remember we have used inference skills before - we use what we can sensibly guess by reading and looking) to think about this book.


Clue - It is a story book!

Looking at the picture below of the book cover, answer these questions - (remember when we are using our inference skills, if you can explain why you think it, there is no wrong answer!)


1) Who are the authors of this book?


2) What do you think is in the basket?


3) Why is there a basket on the rope? Who do you think put it there?


4) How do you think the man is feeling? What makes you think this?


5) What job do you think the man might do?


6) Where do you think this man is? 


Try to answer each question in a sentence to record your ideas. I will be asking for some of your ideas in our class meeting tomorrow morning. If you find writing all of the answers get an adult or older sibling to help you record your ideas.



Wake Up! Movement Song

This song is available as part of Universal Access. Universal Access gives you digital access to over 900 Out of the Ark Songs, plus videos, assembly plans a...

Maths Activity - Money, Money, Money!


Today we are going to start our new area of maths which is money. This falls under the area of measure in maths and I know that during your Year 1 learning you didn't cover any learning in this area so we are going to start right at the very beginning! smiley


Follow the link below and complete the online lesson! Take the quiz - what score will you get?


Follow up!

What coins can you find around your house? Can you order them from the smallest value to the highest value and label them - be careful their size does not match their value! Please take a picture and send it to me! My email address is at the top of the page!



Theme - Religious Education


Yesterday I asked you to find out the names of the three wise men and if you were listening carefully in our meeting this morning you would have heard them again!


Did you know that today the 6th January is also known as the Epiphany!

Look though the powerpoint below to find out more! 


Then using the template paper below or your own paper think about three gifts you would have given to the baby Jesus. What objects do you think baby Jesus would have needed e.g. a warm blanket, a toy etc.  Draw and label your ideas. You could write three sentences that explain what you have chosen and why.