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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

Class Teacher: Miss Evens, Mrs McGarr (Thursdays)

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Hall, Mrs Mantle (am), Mrs Walton (T, TH & F pm) and Mrs Palmer (M & W pm)


Hello and welcome to the Class 2 page. Here you will find copies of newsletters and homelearning as well as updates of our exciting class and school activities. 

You can even spot some amazing work and you will definitely see the fun we have in Year 2.


Keep checking back to see what's going on in Year 2!



SAT Information

Thank you to all those parents who attended the SAT information meeting this week. I hope you found it useful. If you were unable to attend or would like to reread the information please see the powerpoint below. If you have any questions or queries, please come and see me.

Thank you,

Miss Evens

SAT's Meeting Powerpoint

                SUMMER TERM

Gardening WeekYear 2

In the last week of the half term the whole school enjoyed a gardening week. In Year 2 we had an area of the infant playground that was looking unloved, overgrown and uninspiring.

First, we set to work on our survey of the grounds.  We thought about the things we liked and what we didn’t like and also thought about the quality of the soil and what would work best in the size of the space. Next we discussed what could be done to improve the things we didn’t like.




Before 1
Before 2
Before 3
Before 4
Before 5
Before 6
Before 7
Before 8

We finally decided to create a rockery and asked for donations of rockery suitable plants e.g. alpine plants and shrubs.  We also asked for some boulders and pebbles.  Our parents kindly donated lots of plants, boulders, pebbles, hanging baskets and garden ornaments.  Here are the results!


After 1
After 2
After 3
After 4
After 5
After 6
After 7

Spring Term

Year 2 - Computing - Art

Year 2 - Computing - Art 1
Year 2 - Computing - Art 2
Year 2 - Computing - Art 3
The year 2 children have been trying out different styles of art using the computer. So far we have tried impressionism, pointillism and Mondrianism (named after Peit Mondrian).  We have tried to link our art to the ‘Pirate’ topic.

Creating Tartans

During our katie Morag Scottish Island topic we looked at different tartans. In our art lessons we coloured patterns using pencils, designed a tartan using computer software and then used coloured strips to create a paper tartan pattern. We really enjoyed out tartan patters.

Yummy Biscuit Making!

We started our topic in Spring 1 with some traditional Scottish biscuit making - Shortbread of course!  

Scrummy Scottish Shortbread

Scrummy Scottish Shortbread 1
Scrummy Scottish Shortbread 2
Scrummy Scottish Shortbread 3
Scrummy Scottish Shortbread 4
Scrummy Scottish Shortbread 5
Scrummy Scottish Shortbread 6
Scrummy Scottish Shortbread 7
Scrummy Scottish Shortbread 8
Scrummy Scottish Shortbread 9
Scrummy Scottish Shortbread 10

What a fantastic day of art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy!


In the morning we looked at lots of pictures and watched a video of Andy Goldsworthy creating several pieces of art outside in a forest. We saw that he made his art form natural materials like, wood, leaves, sticks, pebbles and ice.  For his final piece he created a leaf wheel on the woodland floor. We then made leaf wheels creating a circular pattern, just like Andy himself. We worked in pairs to create a design using leaves we had collected from the playground.


After play we looked at some more pictures of Andy’s work and saw that he had made a leaf blanket.  We decided to make a whole class piece of work and worked together to colour in brightly coloured leaves and stuck them onto our class blanket.


In the afternoon we went to forest school where we continued to create pieces of art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.  We used sticks, stones, feathers and grasses to create our designs.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20
Picture 21



Great Fire of London: September 1666 - Children's song with words by Al Start

This song tells the story of the Great Fire of London. Go Kid Music teaching resources for primary schools. September 1666 by Al Start split screen format for whiteboard. The film includes sign language, lyrics, a simple xylophone part and the ukulele chords.

Our own mini fire of London!

During the first half-term the children in Year 2 coded a game about the Great Fire of London and also created some electronic art.

During the first half-term the children in Year 2 coded a game about the Great Fire of London and also created some electronic art. 1
During the first half-term the children in Year 2 coded a game about the Great Fire of London and also created some electronic art. 2
We really loved the story or Six dinner story. Our character descriptions were so good that we decided they had to go on display!
Currently we are looking at the book, Six Dinner Sid.  It's already a favourite of ours. If you haven't heard it or want to hear it again watch the video below.  We are using the story to write character descriptions which is pretty challenging for a cat that has 6 different owners, 6 different beds, 6 different personality's and who enjoys 6 different dinners a day!

Six Dinner Sid

This video is the story of Six Dinner Sid!

'Meet the Teacher'

Thank you to all who attended our recent meet the teacher meeting.  I hope you found all the information useful. Below is a copy of the powerpoint presentation I used if you would like to remind yourself of any of the information. If you weren't able to attend please have a look at the presentation and come and see me if you have any questions. Thank you, Miss Evens