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It is a very different spring term this year as we have some children working remotely from home and some children in our key worker groups. Nevertheless in Year 2 were are still living life to the full and working hard. Follow the 'Wonderful Work Gallery' link below to view some of the work that we completed during the school closure.

Spring 2

Looking for signs of Spring

For the start of our Easter R.E unit we went out for a nature walk around our beautiful school to spot the signs of spring and new beginnings.  We found lots of interesting things from buds, spring time flowers, new born lambs, frogs and saplings.

Look at all the signs of Spring we found on our nature walk.


We are really enjoying our new English text - The Pirates Next Door by Jonny Duddle. 


We looked carefully at all of the different characters and learnt about their views of the Jolly Rogers who have just moved into their town, Dull-On-Sea!  They are not very happy that pirates have arrived and are very angry!  We pretended to be the angry residents of Dull-On-Sea and took part in a protest!

No more pirates, go away! Stinky pirates, leave our town!

We then wrote letters to the council of Dull-On-Sea to tell them about the pirates and how they were ruining the town!

Pirate Ships - Do you know what a crow's nest is or a poop deck? Can you tell the difference between the bow and the stern? Do you know what rigging is used for?

Well done to Franklin and Madison who were the Year 2 winners for our Easter bonnet competition.