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Watch the video of my explanation of how to multiply three digit numbers by a one digit number. Work through the calculations with me pausing it when necessary.


Then have a go at the calculations on the sheet, there are three levels of challenge, you can find out the level of challenge by looking for the stars at the bottom of the sheet.

* chilli 1

** chilli 2

*** chilli 3

The sheets are an editable PDF, that means you should be able to type straight into the sheet. But I would like you to record any exchanging you did so can you write in your book if possible please.


If you fancy a challenge answer the true of false question using the different calculations provided.  show me your workings out and explain whether you think it is true or false AND WHY!


Brain break



Meet me at 10 o'clock for our English lesson.  We will be looking at headlines in newspapers, discussing fake news and what it is and coming up with our own headlines for the pictures I have given you!


There are 4 pictures that need headlines, can you use alliteration, a pun or a play on words?


Brain break


Computing/PSHE: Today is Safer Internet Day and building on from our English lesson we will be thinking about Fake News!  Watch the video linked

Now have a go at spotting the fake! You will need to choose an age appropriate version of the quiz to play. You could play as a family (parents versus children) to learn and test your knowledge on what fake news, disinformation and misinformation is and how to stop it from spreading. The quiz is split in three parts. Start with the first part and work your way through to complete it. Give yourself between 15 - 30 mins to play to get the best out of it. Let me know how you get on!