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Characteristics of Effective Learning

One of the most important aspects of your child's education is not concerning what they learn, but how they learn.


A focus on teaching your child how to learn empowers them to become confident, creative lifelong learners who are motivated to succeed and to show a curiosity towards the world they live in. 


In EYFS, we use the characteristics of effective learning to support children in developing the skills to learn how to learn. These characteristics are: playing and exploring; active learning; and creating and thinking critically. Here at Tanworth, we have made these characteristics more child friendly by choosing a dinosaur character to represent each one.


Playing and Exploring - Exploraptor



Hello! I am Exploraptor

I am always exploring what I already know and I like to discover new things.
My special strength is asking questions to find out mo

Active Learning - Tryceratops




Hello! I am Tryceratops.

I am always willing to have a go and I keep trying until I succeed.

My special strength is concentrating when I am learning.

Creating and Thinking Critically - Thinkosaurus



Hello! I am Thinkosaurus.

I am always using and sharing my own ideas but I also listen to the ideas of others. I              always make plans to help me solve problems too.

My special strength is spotting patterns in my learning.