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Thursday 11th June 2020

We had some great research work from Zach yesterday who has found out all about the Indian flag and that India is a country of 1.24 billion people!  He was able to explain the meaning of each colour of the Indian flag, well done Zach.



Today you are going to hunt for some symmetry in your home and garden. There is lots of symmetry all around you! Take some pictures, make list or draw what you find. Happy Hunting! 


**If you are in school you won't be able to have a walk around so below is a sorting activity for you to complete. Can you pick out the symmetrical pictures?

Kairav has made his own symmetrical lego picture of a spider!


Today you are going to do some reading all about tigers. This animal has been the focus of our class text and is an animal native to India.  Enjoy!

There are three versions today.

Version 1 for readers below purple book band

Version 2 for readers on purple or gold book band

Version 3 for readers above gold.


I know many of you have said that you have been reading a lot and have really improved your reading at home.  If you want to try a different version to the suggested version for your book band that is fine. smiley

Topic/Theme - Science

This half term our new area of Science is PLANTS. Take a look at the knowledge organiser below to find out more.

Today we are going to think about plants that we eat.  We can eat lots of different plants as part of a healthy diet.  But I wonder if you can work out which part of the plant we eat. Watch the video below and then have a go at sorting the food cards by the part of the plant we are eating.


We can eat the root, stem, leaves, flower, fruit and seeds of a plant.





Plant Parts We Eat

Can you guess what plants you see? What parts of the plants do you eat?

Think carefully, you might need to research some of these, there may be a few surprises!