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Tuesday 19th May 2020


LO: Can I use Standard English?


Quite often, the language we use when speaking is different from Standard English that we should use for writing.  This can be a result of accent, dialect (using different words according to where we are from) or just informal situations – it would sound a bit strange if we all spoke like the Queen when chatting to our friends!


Have a look at the PPT which works through how Standard English and spoken English can be different.  There are a couple of quizzes within the PPT for you to try. 


In our stories, we should try to use Standard English but if a character is speaking and you want them to speak in a more casual way, it is ok to use non-Standard English within your inverted commas for their speech.


LO: Can I write a story in a different setting?


Please use your plan from yesterday, along with ideas from the last 3 week’s English work (character description, setting description, conversation between characters) to write the beginning of your story today.  Focus on the opening, the build-up and maybe the problem today but please don’t write all the way to the end of the story as that will take you far too long for one day's learning and I'd rather you didn't rush your story!  Take your time to make it interesting and carefully written! 


Have you included……

  • Expanded noun phrases
  • Simile
  • Powerful verbs
  • Fronted adverbials for time, place or manner
  • Correct punctuation
  • Starting a new line when a character speaks
  • Speech with inverted commas and speech verbs


LO: Can I use graphs to make comparisons?


Graphs can be used to compare the data about different things.  It is important to be able to use graphs to find totals (the sum), differences and make comparisons between different groups.  This is what we will practice today. 

First, use the PPT to explore how to tackle the different sorts of questions that might arise about graphs.  Then please have a go at the activities in the Word document.



Today, I would like you to explore the second story from the Jigsaw website, called The Switch Watch.  Please listen to the two parts of the stories and think about the discussion part then there is the Calm Me part towards the end as well.  Here is the link: