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From a Railway Carriage

As part of our Whole Class Guided Reading, we have looked at the poem 'From a Railway Carriage' by Robert Louis Stevenson. Please click on the powerpoint below to hear Year 3 reciting this famous poem. You will need to put it onto 'Slideshow' to hear the sound.

Bones and Muscles

We have been exploring the skeletons of animals and humans and the function of muscles as part of the human body.

Today we made models of our arm muscles to show that they work together. In our models the elastic bands represent the muscles and show that they work in pairs. When one muscle contracts the other relaxes. You can see our life-size skeleton that we are using to help us in some of the pictures too.

Subordinating Conjunctions

We have been extending the variety of subordinating conjunctions we use in our writing in Year 3 and have been learning  'A White Bus' song to help us remember some of the new conjunctions and what they do. 

Sing with Grammarsaurus - Subordinating Conjunctions (A WHITE BUS)


In Maths we have been using our base 10 to help us with our division. We have shared the the tens equally between the rows and then exchanged any remaining tens into ones so they can be shared equally.

Food Groups

In Science this week we have been exploring different foods and grouping them into the 5 main food groups. The children have also been creating their own balanced meals with the correct proportions of the groups.

Sew This Is What You've Been Up To!

Year 3 have worked brilliantly in DT to create pencil cases for their chair bags so they are not losing their stationery. They went through the process of researching pencil cases, creating a criteria of what it should do, designing it, practising sewing skills, creating and then evaluating their product. We have all been impressed by their amazing sewing skills! We hope you can find your child's pencil case in the photos.