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Re and Reflection task

What makes a place or an object special to us? And to Muslims?


This week I'd like you to think about your special place.  Why are these places special? Are the all special to everyone, or just to some people? Language you might need to use is: favourite / friendly place / calm place / exciting place.


So for an example, the picture below is my special place.  This is a picture of a town called Aberyswyth, I used to live here and went to the university in the town.  I have so many happy memories from when I lived on the seafront for a year and would often walk the promenade with friends. I love being by the sea and the hearing the waves, especially when it was stormy!  It's also a special place because this is where I met Mr Hoskins.  It's a place I try to visit as often as I can and I was actually going to go back this summer, hopefully, I'll still be able to!


Special Place Guided Imagery

This guided imagery helps you visualize and visit your own personal special place in your mind's eye.

Can you draw or paint an image of your special place?


A Muslims holy building is called a Mosque - a special place for them. Can you suggest reasons why a mosque might be a place to feel close to God?


Take a look around this mosque;