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Thursday 21st May 2020

Good morning, Year 4!

Our Teams meeting will be today at 11.30am.  I have sent this to your welearn365 email.  Please make sure you join the meeting using your welearn365 logon - we should not be joining the meeting from any other email account for safeguarding reasons.  Please make sure you've printed or copied out a time bingo game card (click the link below or see main week 5 page on the Year 4 section of the website) so that you can join in the game.  Looking forward to seeing you!


Can I use a dictionary?


Our final prefix is non- which means “not” and changes the meaning of the word to its opposite.  Try to use a dictionary to find the meaning of each word, or you could use an example sentence to explain the meaning.


SNIP spellers, your words are based around the root words “scope” and “spect”.  Try to use a dictionary to find the meaning of each word.  This might also help you to see how the words within each group are linked.


Please finish and read through your story today, checking for correct punctuation and spelling using a dictionary.  Check against the checklist from yesterday – have you included an example of each?  I would love to read your finished story if it is possible to send me photos of it via the blog or email.  Please let me know if you are happy for it to be shared on the website as well.


Please use today to practice times tables, mental maths (using the daily 10 website from last Friday) or complete a page of your Maths homework book.  Alternatively, if you would like extra practice of our graphs work, see the Word document.


Can I talk about pets in Spanish?

From our Teams meetings, I have discovered that there are many animal-fans within the class and many of you have pets so we are going to practice talking about pets for our Spanish activity.  The sheets called Los Colores and Pets word cards will be useful to help you with vocabulary.

This clip helps you practice the Spanish words for some common pets.  Please watch it and practise saying each one (the man says it three times so it gives you a chance to listen first then say it with him).


Then have a watch of my video below where I show you how to say “ I have a……” or “I would like a…….”.


Using the colours sheet (Los Colores), try to complete the Mis Animales activity (the pets word cards will help you), you can choose which colours you use then try to write underneath each picture what it is in Spanish eg. un perro negro (a black dog) or un perro rojo (a red dog!) – depending on which colour you chose! 


Now you can use this vocabulary to talk about which pets you have and which pets you would like!

Miss Cottrell's Spanish pets video

Still image for this video