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Summer 2021



We've been learning about angles in maths for the last few weeks. We've learnt how to measure and draw angles using a protractor and how to find missing angles in shapes using our knowledge of angle rules. To finish the topic, we combined our creative skills with our maths skills and drew letters, which we split into different shapes. We then measured the angles inside the shapes using a protractor!

School's Football Week


For School's Football Week, we took part in a football tournament and created some football themed artwork! We looked at different important players and managers and created portraits using photographs of them. Here is some of our artwork - it's not quite finished yet but look out for the finished pieces around school!




We've kicked off our new theme for the term - "It's all Greek to me!"

We started by watching the Disney film 'Hercules' and thought about what we could infer about life in Ancient Greece based on this. We then looked at where the Ancient Greek period is in history, creating a timeline. As well as using our history skills this week, we've used our geography skills to create maps of the Ancient Greek empire. 



In English, we've been reading Greek myths. One of the stories that we looked at is called "Daedalus & Icarus." In this myth, Icarus was punished for his father's sins. We couldn't agree whether this was fair or not so we had a silent debate! We had to write our thoughts and opinions, making sure that we justified them with evidence from the text and then responded to each other's opinions. It was one of the only times Miss Cutler can remember the class being completely silent and we had a lot of fun!



In science, we've been thinking about forces this half term in science and created an experiment to investigate water resistance. We made different shapes out of blue-tack and tested them to see which shapes travelled the quickest through water. We very quickly discovered how to streamline our shapes and that the smaller surface area they had, the less water resistance there was so the quicker they travelled through the water! 

Shakespeare Week


This week, we spent time studying Shakespeare's famous play - Romeo and Juliet as well as researching the man himself!


The children loved finding out about Shakespeare and discovered that he led a very interesting life. They particularly enjoyed learning that when he died, he left his second best bed to his wife! After finding out lots of fascinating facts, we turned our research into a piece of artwork...


After studying Romeo and Juliet, we produced "one-pagers" to show our understanding of the characters, plot, themes and language. They were a good opportunity to be creative whilst using our English skills!

We ended the week with a birthday party for Shakespeare! As part of this, we dressed up in costumes inspired by Shakespeare's characters and learnt a dance, which we performed as a school on the field! Luckily, the sun came out to join us!