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A really simple day today as the children are only in school for half the day.

I'm sorry I haven't had chance to upload a video this week, I'll make sure I'll upload one next week.

Have a lovely weekend to Rainbow Bubble and all the home bubbles!


Play the sound bingo game that we have done in previous weeks and read through tricky words on your mat.

Today we are going to be focusing on tricky words.

Play a tricky word game, including tricky words you found difficult on the mat.

Here are some ideas:

Floor is Lava (write the words on paper and place in a path across the floor, say the word before you step on each one)

Road Map (draw a road up the middle with two left and right turns, write tricky words for children to travel to and read)

Create your own tricky word 'Roll and Read'

Design and Technology

Here's an idea for bubble wand making today.

We are going to experiment with different materials, such as pipe cleaners, wool, wire etc to see if any make a good bubble wand.