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Summer 2 Week4 (w/c 22/06/20)

Welcome to week 4,



Although not quite how we would normally run sports week (due to not being able to play team sports!) instead we will be looking at the theory, rules, famous players etc. Can you guess which sport Year 6 has got to focus on... yep you guessed it: golf!

Each year group are focusing on a different sport this week and with all that information Mr Nicols wants to create a display all about the different sports.

There are daily activities for you to complete and your score can be sent to Mr Nicols to add up at the end of the week. Every score counts as it will give points to your house! Which house will win Sports' Week? Follow the link for more information:


This week was supposed to be our residential- so each day I have added a 'residential style challenge' for you to complete. Please send in pictures and let us know how you get on!


I hope you have had a lovely weekend. Please find your activities for the week in the folders below. If you need any help please do contact me via email or on the class blog. As you know I am back in school now so I won't be writing a blog each day but I will be checking it every day.


Huge apologies- On Friday I could not get my PowerPoint online-with Holes audio attached- as the file was too large. I will upload a PDF copy of the book for you to read. It's a brilliant book smiley


Thursday25/06/20: Class Teams Meeting 9.30am- please bring a pencil/ pen and some paper for Scattergories!


 If you haven't done so already- please could you email over/ send in your notes/messages to class mates for the Leavers' Books, this week.


Miss you all so much. Please do get in touch, I love hearing from you and seeing your work when you send it in.


Love Miss Wilding cool