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Wednesday 8th July 2020


Wednesday's problem - Can you work out the value of each item of food?



Now that we have reflected about our time in Year 2 it's now time to look forward to all the fun that Year 3 and Key Stage 2 will bring. I think it's time we introduce ourselves to Mr Fidler so that he knows all the things we enjoy and the many things we are good at.


I had a some lovely work from Connie and Zach this week and it made me think of today's task.


Today I would like you to write a letter to Mr Fidler introducing yourself to him. In your letter you might like to include:


The things that you are good at inside and outside of school

Something about your family - pets, home, brothers and sisters

Your friends within the class

Favourite subjects and how you like to learn

What you are looking forward to in Year 3

What you would like to improve

You might include what sort of teacher you would like him to be! smiley


Remember to start your letter


Dear Mr Fidler,



Good Luck, he is very lucky to have you all!


Singalong Wednesday 


Follow the link below for a singalong with Mr Lindsey.