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Friday 22nd


We are leaving time to one side today as we return to our Maths Homework Books to keep all our maths skills ticking over. This week, you should be on Section 3, Test 1.





I would like you to use your spellings for this week from your group, however, you do need to make a choice.


I am providing you with a menu of spelling activities, which you can choose from. There are 35 ideas, so there is sure to be one that you will enjoy! 

English/ Theme

This week you have been learning about the different Ancient Egyptian Gods and the story of some of their creation.

There were Gods for so many different parts of life. There were Gods for the rain, love, war, knowledge... we could on and on. They also wore and held different objects, which had different meanings. (There is a guide below which explains different symbols that they hold or wear and their meanings)


Today I want you to be creative and design your own Egyptian God. You will need to decide the following:


1) Their name

2) What they are the God of

3) What they look like

4) What items they hold

5) What sort of character they are


You can use the template below to give you ideas for what they will look like or print one out if you are able to.


Put all the information onto one page. If you have time or want to do more, you can always do more than one God.




This week's Spanish is learning all about the different rooms in the house. First of all, please open the slides below to learn the names for the different rooms of the house.


Now see which you can remember and see if you can match the rooms.

Now you can either draw a picture of a house with its rooms showing (as if you've sliced it in half) or printout the one below. Once you've done this, label each of the rooms.