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Thursday 11th June 2020


LO: Can I start sentences in different ways?


Today, we are going to practise creating really good sentences to make an interesting paragraph.  We are going to use a different picture/setting to help us do this but you can then transfer what you learn today to writing about the rainforest later in the week.


Thinking about the David Attenborough/expert style of presenting information, we want to start each of our sentences differently and make the information sound really exciting.  Have a look at the farm picture.  First of all, identify what you can see and a fact you might give about some of the things in the picture.


Example 1:  The barn is made of wood and the animals live in it.

Let’s make that sound more exciting:

Amazingly, the barn, which is made of wood, is home to all the animals!


Example 2:  There are 4 cows.  They have a grey patch over one eye.

Let’s make it sound more exciting:

Did you know that all four cows have a grey patch covering one eye?!


Have a go yourself now.  Write sentences in your book about different things in the picture, using some of the sentence starters from the Word document to make your sentences start differently and sound more exciting.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t think the fact is very exciting yourself, it’s about using language to make it sound more exciting when other people read it!


LO: Can I identify symmetry in shapes?


Please watch these videos to recap the idea of symmetry in shapes.


Which objects can you find in your house or garden which are symmetrical?  (Please don’t actually cut shapes in half to test them!).  Remember, a line of symmetry means if we drew a line down the middle, it would be the same both sides.


Please have a go at completing some of the activities from the Word document.


Ext: Can you design a ride for Symmetry Land that has a line of symmetry?  You could try to use a range of shapes that we have learnt about (different types of triangles, different sorts of quadrilaterals) but arrange them in a symmetrical way or base it around one shape which has a line of symmetry.


LO: Can I explore the benefits of forgiving people?


I’d like you to read the Froggy Forgiveness Story on the Word document.  Think about the choice that the frog made and the outcome of this.


Now have a go at the Fizzy Forgiveness activity on the pdf sheet.  Once you’ve decided to forgive someone for what they have done, you can let that cross or hurt feeling go, as though it dissolves away like the sugar in the water.