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Thursday 30th April


Take a look at the 3D shapes below. Today we are going to count the vertices, edges and faces of some 3D shapes. Now this is tricky because in school we would be able to get out our big box of 3D shapes and touch and count to collect the information. Today at home you might need to find some everyday objects that you can touch and count.



Sometimes people can visualise 3D shapes in their mind and use that to help them count.  If you find that tricky, watch the video below which can teach you how to try and count the faces, vertices and edges of a shape.

Today I would like you complete a table about some 3D shapes. We did a similar activity when we were looking at 2D shapes.Today you will be thinking about the number of vertices, edges and faces. 


Now when we talk about faces, there is something to remember.  On some 3D shapes all the faces are flat like on a cube or a pyramid. However on some 3D shapes faces can be curved and they are called curved faces or surfaces.  Don't let the word surface confuse you it means the same as a face it is just a curved face.


You can choose to use the table template below or draw your own table into your book.

I have also posted the answers below, but no peeking until you have finished!  Remember if you make a mistake, you can learn from it!smiley



Click below for the answers


A net is a flattened out 3D shape.  If you think about the 2D shape of the faces it can help you to identify which 3D shape the net will make. Which 3D shapes do these nets make?



I hope you thought of some great words to describe the Wolf yesterday. As a little warm up, open the powerpoint below and drag the words to the correct character.


You might need to click on enable editing when you open up the powerpoint folder.

Today you have a handwriting task. You can print the sheet below and copy the sentences onto the sheet or open the sheet and copy the sentences into you book. Look carefully at the joins and any punctuation used. If you are copying them into your book, be careful with the sizing of your letters. 


These sentences all describe our wolf from the story Little Red. 

Topic/Theme - Music

I know lots of you enjoyed the song in last weeks music session.

Today there is another catchy tune called 'Just sing!'  Take a look at the activities if you'd like to choose one or - Just sing!

' Just Sing! ' from Out of the Ark Music @ Home (Words on Screen Lyric Video)