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Looking to the Rainbow

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Mr Fiddler asked children to try and complete this challenge. Here's the end product, featuring some of the children from Year 1. I think you'll agree it's a lovely song.

Hi everyone!

Hope you're all ok, I've really loved the teams meetings we've had and hopefully I'll be able to do some more with you after the May half term.  I know things are uncertain at the moment, but remember everyone at school is here for you, so if you need anything just get in touch!


The school is currently experiencing issues with Phonics Bug.  Log ins are not working (including mine!), Miss Evens has logged an error with Phonics Bug and hopefully this will be sorted soon.  In the meantime, if you are looking for books to read, take a look at Oxford Owl.  If you want phonics games to play look at Phonics Play which is free to use at the moment, there is also a website which I use in class called Phonics Hero.  You would have to set up an account but it is free to use and there are some really nice games you can play on there as well as download worksheets if you want to.  Twinkl phonics suite is an app that is available on the apple store (not sure about android, sorry!), you do have to pay for it but again it's got some really good games.


English: Yesterday, I asked you to act out/retell your version of 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' with Nibbles in.  So, today I would like you to start writing your story.  You don't need to finish it today, take your time with it.  You won't be getting any work uploaded over the half term so you can continue to work on it then! smiley 


Parents, please remember it doesn't have to be a masterpiece. The grammar that I am looking for are things like the 'est' and 'er' suffixes as well as the 'un' prefix that we worked on at the beginning of the half term. Children in Year 1 are required to join sentences using the word 'and'.  The punctuation that children need to use in Year 1 are full stops, finger spaces and capital letters.  You do not need to worry about speech marks, this isn't taught until Year 3 and the associated punctuation that goes with speech marks such as question marks and commas etc aren't taught or expected until Year 4!  If your child recognises speech marks in their reading that's great, but it's not expected in their writing at this stage, don't make things harder for yourselves.  I don't want parents to get frustrated that their child isn't doing this or children to get upset.  Age related writing in Year 1 is clear, coherent sentences that are punctuated with a capital letter, finger spaces, full stops and question marks.


If you feel that your child won't be able to write a block of text, can they create a storyboard of the new story and write a sentence or a caption to match the pictures they draw?  (This is how I would adapt the activity in class)

There are different storyboards with more or less picture boxes, this will mean that you will have more or less writing to match! Pick the storyboard that is right for you!

Maths: This is the last session of division today!  We will move onto my favourite maths topic FRACTIONS after half term. Whoopee!  But for now, let's finish with a problem!



Watch the video below where I show you how to work out these problems.

divison grouping prob solving.mp4

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Go to the RE and Reflection task page to find out what to do for your RE this week! smiley


I hope you all have a wonderful half term! Enjoy the break from the home learning.  I'll be uploading more for you to do after half term so check back then.  If school has reopened, please be mindful that I will be in school full time and not just on a rota basis so will be unable to respond to emails as much.