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Thursday 4th June



Today's task: Write cohesive paragraphs from notes.


Like yesterday, use your notes to draft 2 more of your paragraphs for your autobiography. Make sure you read over and check your work and make amendments where necessary.


Don't forget to look back at the WAGOLL for an example.



Finding all the possibilities. This takes time and works best if you work strategically. It takes a lot of patience and involves you trying a number of different ways until you find the solution.

The first few challenges involve shapes- please download the sheet below to find out what your challenges are for today. 

** Remember your mission is to find ALL the different possibilities.


Good Luck!



Famous scientists and inventors


Today's focus is on, another email, Marie Maynard Daly.


1. Read through PowerPoint to find out all about Dr. Maynard Daly and her findings.


2. Complete the two activities. One: sorting the foods containing cholesterol and two: the comprehension task.