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It was lovely seeing so many of you on the Team's meetings yesterday.  Remember to send me pictures of your work if you would like it to go on the website. smiley

English: Today we're going to be generating adjectives to describe Nibbles!

I have uploaded a monster word mat with a range of different adjectives to help you.  there are three levels of challenge today.  The work is in the powerpoint, choose the slide you would like to work from (it doesn't need to be printed out!) and write the adjectives in your book.  I would like you to think about adjectives to describe how Nibbles looks, feels, sounds and acts!

Maths:  We're going to start thinking about finding half of a quantity today!  Watch the video below and choose your activity.

Mrs Hoskins explains how to find half of a quantity.

Still image for this video

These don't need to be printed out, as this work would be best done practically, you could record by taking photos (I would do this with some children in class) or drawing your counters and then writing the sentences in your books!

Fancy a challenge?

For your topic work take a look at the RE task!