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Weds 3rd


Today we are going to continue our work on the 24 hour clock. 

I have got some challenges for you to have a go at, thinking about how many times different digits will appear during the 24 hours of the day. Remember to look back at the support from yesterday if you need more help, or the sheet below:

See if you can work out the codebreaker and see if you think the answer is funny?!! Then if you have time, try either the easier or harder challenge.

Today we are going on a school trip! Yippeee! You weren't expecting that were you? We are going to Egypt too, so I hope you've all got your passports ready?!


Are you all ready? Then off we go... follow this link and we will be exploring the tomb of Queen Meresankh III. 


Have a walk around and see what you can find out. You can click on items to find out more and move as you wish. The floorboards and the stairs have been added for visitors are not what would have been there originally!


Oh yes! Be safe... no running or shouting!wink



I'd like you to write a short recount about how you felt and what you discovered on our school trip. Remember to write in full sentences and using paragraphs and don't forget your conjunctions to join together your ideas. 




This week in Spanish you are going to be learning about the weather. See the website first, which shows you how to say each of the words and what they mean.



Now see if you can work see the symbols and translate them into English. When you've done that, see if you can show what weather we are having in the Midlands!